About Us

The Westchester Golf Association Caddie Scholarship Fund, Inc. (WGACSF), is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational, nonprofit organization, that provides financial need based scholarships to caddies and others who work in service to golf at local participating golf and country clubs.

It was founded in 1956 by Willie Turnesa and Udo Reinach. Initially, six young men were awarded approximately $10,000. Today, with 289 recipients and a four year tuition commitment of $4.0 million, the WGA Caddie Scholarship Fund is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the country.


Walk Play Give

can be interpreted in many ways.

  • Walk

    If you are a caddie, we urge you to WALK your way to a college scholarship.

    If you are a player, we ask you to WALK to keep the caddie in the game.

  • Play

    If you are a golfer with a bucket list, we invite you to PLAY some of the area’s finest courses.

    If you are a believer, we encourage you to PLAY for our cause.

  • Give

    If you are a volunteer, we rely on you to GIVE your time.

    If you are a philanthropist, we ask you to GIVE the greatest gift of education.

A Unique Program

To be eligible, candidates must complete a minimum of two seasons in service to golf. “Service to golf” includes caddying, golf course maintenance, and work in the golf shop, bag room or on the practice range.  It is the requirement of service to golf that makes our program unique.

Through the game, caddie scholars learn rules, respect and etiquette. They develop character, discipline and old fashioned work ethic. They build camaraderie, relationships and social skills.  They learn about career opportunities and educational pathways. They gain exposure to industry leaders and master the art of networking.  They develop goals and aspirations and most of all, they dream of new possibilities.


2017/18 Member Clubs

The WGA Caddie Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to eligible candidates who have worked in service to golf at member clubs of the Westchester Golf Association. The Westchester Golf Association serves Fairfield (CT), Bronx, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester (NY) Counties. Membership is renewed annually.

About Service to Golf

The majority of our scholars have worked as caddies. Caddying has many benefits. First, walking 18 holes with one or two bags is a great form of exercise. Second, this activity can be a great summer job. Indeed, caddies experience a sense of camaraderie; the thrill of finding a golfer’s errant tee shot or giving the correct advice before he/she makes a long putt creates a sense of gratification. Third, caddying offers the potential for a scholarship.

To learn about caddying, check out excerpts from the CMA Caddie Training Video shot at Quaker Ridge Golf Club below:

Also, every spring, the MGA hosts caddie academies. Click here for the Caddie Academy schedule.

If caddying isn’t for you, service to golf also includes work in the golf shop, bag room, on the practice range and golf course superintendent’s crew. Contact our member clubs for opportunities.