GlenArbor Golf Club

Join the Bag Tag Program

Since our inception, the Bag Tag Program has been the main source of revenue for our scholarship program.  Individuals and club members “join a club” with a contribution and receive an engraved bag tag indicating the level of support. At many clubs, the bag tag is a badge of honor. Please display yours with pride.  Which bag tag club are you a member of? FRIEND – PAR – BIRDIE – EAGLE – DOUBLE EAGLE – HOLE-IN-ONE  

Is your club participating?

The majority of local golf and country clubs participate in the Bag Tag Program because it allows members to easily support our program. It is interesting to note that many of the clubs that supported the Fund the most in 1956 are still supporting the Fund generously today.

A look back at the Bag Tag Program

There are two main methods of fundraising:

Automatic Billing

A letter is sent by the President, Golf Chairman, or CSF Director to each member requesting their support by contributing the equivalent of a caddie fee or more.  This amount is automatically included in next month’s bill.  The accounting department then provides a list of contributors to the Caddie Scholarship Fund office so that bag tags may be engraved for those who contributed. Most clubs use this method.

Optional Billing

A similar letter is sent to each member, but in this case, the member returns a reply card indicating their desired level of contribution – Friend, Par, Birdie, Eagle, Double Eagle, Hole-in-One. Again, the accounting office provides a list so that bag tags may be engraved respectively. If your club is not currently participating in the bag tag program, please call for more information.  If you would like to Join The Bag Tag Program as an individual, you may so by donating here

Please reach out to the MGACSF to learn about getting your club involved.