Service to Golf

Scholarship applicants must complete a minimum of two seasons in service to golf. “Service to golf” includes caddieing, golf course maintenance, and work in the golf shop, bag room or on the practice range.

The majority of our scholars have worked as caddies. Caddieing has many benefits. First, walking 18 holes with one or two bags is a great form of exercise. Second, this activity can be a great summer job. Indeed, caddies experience a sense of camaraderie; the thrill of finding a golfer’s errant tee shot or giving the correct advice before he/she makes a long putt creates a sense of gratification. Third, caddieing offers the potential for a scholarship. Also, every spring, the MGA hosts caddie academies. Click here for the Caddie Academy schedule. If caddieing isn’t for you, service to golf also includes work in the golf shop, bag room, on the practice range, and golf course superintendent’s crew. Contact our member clubs for opportunities.

To learn about caddieing, check out excerpts from the CMA Caddie Training Video shot at Quaker Ridge Golf Club below:

CMA Caddie Training Video