We are proud of our Alumni.

2,863 caddie scholars to date. If you are one of them, you know you are part of a special group. We invite you to stay involved and help us to build this community and pass on opportunity to future generations.

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Our scholars have attended a broad range of institutions, from trade and technical schools, to community colleges to four year colleges and universities. They have completed associate’s degrees, certificate programs, bachelors of arts and science degrees, even professional golf and turf management programs. Some have continued for post graduate studies while others enter the workforce upon graduation. Today our alumni represent a variety of fields, with careers in banking, finance, law, medicine, research, engineering, hospitality, management, law enforcement, accounting, politics, theater and more. We hope you will get involved, attend events, connect with other alumni and utilize this community as a resource.


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2021 Pro-Am and Alumni Reunion Open For Registration

The 2021 Pro-Am and Alumni Reunion have both opened for registration. This year’s WGACSF slate promises to be full of memorable events and the plans to roll out a full and complete schedule are well in motion. The 2021 Pro-Am will be held at The Stanwich Club on July 8th and will mark the 40th […]

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CSF Alumn Mario Gabelli Featured On “Under The Strap”

Caddie Scholarship Fund alumnus Mario Gabelli was recently featured on “Under The Strap”, a podcast that dives into caddies and their stories. Check out the episode below as Gabelli shares his success story, what lessons he took from caddying when he was young and how he has found success throughout his life. https://www.morningread.com/under-the-strap/feature/2021-03-16/meet-the-caddie-who-became-a-billionaire-investor