Career Prep Week Hub

The WGACSF is proud to host its first virtual Career Prep Week, running from June 13-17. The week will feature career advice, tips and best practices from industry professionals and friends/alumni of the WGACSF. All of Career Prep Week will be featured prominently on the CSF’s social media channels. In addition, you can find each day’s tip right here in the Career Prep Hub. The article will be updated daily to reflect each topic covered.

Monday – Resume Advice
A resume is a first impression in most cases, meaning the biggest key is to stand out in some way! Annette McLaughlin, Dir. of Career Services at Fordham shares her thoughts, along with quick thoughts from a few CSF alumni. Resume Tips Video.

Tuesday – Interview Advice
A strong interview usually means more than a strong resume. However, all interviews are different and can be slightly intimidating if you aren’t used to them. That’s why scheduling informational and mock interviews is a great tip. It allows you to practice your interview techniques while also gaining information on companies.

Wednesday – Online Job Search Tools
When searching for a job, sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out where to start. When it comes to online job searches, the two biggest players are Indeed and LinkedIn. Kevin Davis takes you through how both can help with your search.

Thursday – Networking is Key
Getting to know people in the professional world and specifically in your field of choice is paramount when it comes to getting a job. Getting to know people and staying top of mind is key. Take part in informational interviews and make sure to keep in contact with those you talk to. The WGACSF has a network of thousands of alumni who have great experience in a variety of professions. If you are interested in getting in touch, contact us at:

Friday – Be Yourself
While there are plenty of pieces of advice that can help you on your way, the most important thing you can do is be yourself. Deuayne Crawford, the WGACSF Alumni Committee Chair, offers his thoughts on what that means to him and a few other small pieces of advice.

If you are interested in more Career Prep advice, you can always visit our Career Resources page. We will be adding all the content from Career Prep Week to that page once the week is over.