Deuayne Crawford Named Alumni Committee Chair

The Westchester Golf Association Caddie Scholarship Fund is thrilled to announce Deuayne Crawford, CSF Class of 2006, as the new Alumni Committee Chair for the 2022 season. Crawford brings exceptional life experience to the position and the unique perspective of living the CSF experience himself. Crawford was formally welcomed as the Alumni Committee Chair during the CSF End of Year Meeting.

“We are so excited to welcome Deuayne as the new Alumni Committee chair,” said Coordinator of Fundraising and Development, Jackie Kielty. “As a caddie scholar alum, Deuayne truly understands this journey and how to improve upon the experience of being a part of this community. Having one of our caddie scholars become the chair of the Alumni Committee is truly a full circle moment, and we are so fortunate to have Deuayne’s expertise and leadership for the year ahead.”

Crawford grew up in the Westchester area and caddied at The Apawamis Club after he was introduced to golf by his father, the late Peter Phillips. He also credits Lee Paton, a former president of the WGA and CSF, as being one of his mentors.

“Taking on this role means the world to me because I’ve always wanted to be a leader of an organization with a purpose for good,” said Crawford. “I remember when I was a young caddie scholar and looked up to the people I would meet in golf and how sincere they were. This is the American dream for me because I feel that I have come of age and I’m ready to inspire other young people the way I was inspired.”

Crawford says he looks forward to hitting the ground running as he begins his next chapter with the WGACSF.

“What is most exciting to me about being involved with the WGACSF is the positive culture, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the people involved, the organic mentorship you receive from the folks involved and the fun we have paying it forward together,” said Crawford.