Fund Welcomes New President, Directors

Alan Nahoum, left; Ben Kirschenbaum, right

Greenwich, CT (October 25, 2018) — The Westchester Golf Association Caddie Scholarship Fund reflected on year of opportunity at the 2018 Annual Meeting held at Tamarack Country Club.  Such opportunity is highlighted in form of news and events via the WGA Caddie Scholarship Fund 2018 Year in Review.

The agenda of the Annual Meeting included reports from the Audit, Endowed, and Nominating Committees; the Treasurer, Mr. Dave Christie; the Investment Committee Chairman, Mr. Rob Bluestone; Johanna Gavin, Senior Director; John O’Brien, Manager, Fundraising and Development.  Those in attendance celebrated the accomplishments of Mr. Benjamin Kirschenbaum during this three year presidency, upon which he reflected in his President’s Report.

The Nominating Committee recommended 44 Directors for the 2018-19 Board of Directors, including four new nominees to include: Mr. Peter Baglieri of Ardsley, Mr. Robert Danziger of Fairview, Mr. William Shaner of Bonnie Briar, and Mr. Kieran Theissen of Shorehaven.  Also nominated and approved were the 2018-19 officers: Mr. Alan Nahoum of Tamarack for President, Mr. John Connor of Siwanoy for Vice President, Mr. David Christie of Stanwich for Treasurer, and Mr. Brad Steinthal of Winged Foot for Secretary.