Scholar Spotlight: Alex Kraus

A L E X   K R A U S
Country Club of Fairfield, caddie | University of Connecticut Class of 2020

Alexander Kraus, caddie scholar from Country Club of Fairfield is entering his senior year at the University of Connecticut, where he is currently studying accounting.  Alex took his education and adventurous spirit to a new level when he studied abroad in Italy this past semester. Alex was able to visit nine different countries, experience different cultures, eat new kinds of food, and meet family members in Dublin, Ireland and Sweden.

In the Summer of 2018, Alex interned at Terex Corporation as a tax intern. This experience gave him a great representation on what to expect in the field, along with leaving him with important information that he can carry on to the career he pursues. This Summer, Alex has secured another internship, this time with Deloitte, where he will be an audit intern.  He will be assisting Deloitte in preparing its audit paperwork for various clients in the Stamford/NYC area.  He will have the opportunity to work with many experienced accounting professionals, who he hopes will steer him in the right direction! Alex is also excited to end the Summer by volunteering at Operation Hope, a food pantry where he has been volunteering since 2013.

Q: What is your current major? What made you pursue your academic studies in this major?

I am currently an Accounting major at the University of Connecticut. I chose Accounting because, although I would like to go into business, I am still unsure exactly what type of company I would like to work for. Being an Accountant, I know I will have access to work in any industry I want.

Q: If caddieing has taught you anything, what has it been?

Caddieing has definitely given me a new perspective on interacting with people. I work with and for such a diverse group of people, and that is only an opportunity I would have had because of caddieing. I have caddied with people who have come from nothing and are some of the hardest workers I have ever met. On the other side, I have had the opportunity to caddie for numerous very successful people and hearing their story and advice has been so valuable.

Q: If you were to give back to the community, how would you do so?

I have been a volunteer at Operation Hope food pantry since I was 14. Being there and seeing how much of a difference and stress it can take off of a family to provide them with access to food is amazing. Food is something that people should never have to worry about.

Q: Did you take away any vital information from your internship? How could you apply this to your life moving forward?

At my internship this Summer, I have learned how important it is to ask questions. There are so many people who have much more experience, who I have so much to learn from. People want to help you out and it is so important to take advantage of these opportunities to learn from others.