Carpiniello/Santa-Donato Family Scholarship

Carpiniello / Santa-Donato Family Scholarship

The Carpiniello/Santa-Donato Family scholarship was started by Frank Santa-Donato, CSF Class of ’70, and Dan Carpiniello as a tribute to their fathers, Frank Santa-Donato, Sr. and Antonio “Butch” Carpiniello. Frank Sr. and Butch were lifelong friends who caddied at Westchester County clubs in their youth, and shared a passionate love for golf throughout their lives. They passed their love for the game on and the Carpiniello and Santa-Donato families have an annual golf tournament reunion. During one these tournaments many years ago, the idea for a caddie scholarship honoring both families was born. The Caddie Scholarship Fund had impacted Frank’s life as a young man. In 1966, Frank’s family was short of the funds needed to allow him to attend Cornell, which would be a huge honor for his family. The Fund increased Frank’s scholarship for all four years to a level that allowed him to attend Cornell, leaving him wanting to give others the same opportunity. The guidelines for the scholarship are simple – the family is most concerned about the candidate’s effort to pay for his/her tuition costs and his/her ability to overcome obstacles in life.

Scholarship Recipients

Jakel Alonso
Manhattan College