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WGACSF Golf Marathon Slated For August 23rd At Waccabuc Country Club

The 2021 WGACSF Golf Marathon will be held at Waccabuc Country Club on August 23rd. One of the fundraising staples on the CSF, the Golf Marathon is a unique event that allows golfers to play as much as they want, while raising money for a great cause. On August 23, 2021, local caddie managers, caddie […]

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WGACSF To Create Endowed Scholarship In Honor Of Robert J. Bluestone

This year’s Westchester Mid-Amateur Championship will take place October 6-7 at Rockrimmon Country Club, a fitting location to hand out the championship’s trophy that will now be named in honor of Robert J. Bluestone, who passed away in July of 2019. Bluestone was a former president of Rockrimmon Country Club and spent much of his […]

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CSF Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Meduri Makes Most Of His Opportunity

23 years old. An age when many young adults are just graduating college and starting their lives in the real world. Whether money is tight or not, the general expenses are usually the same. Food. Entertainment. Transportation. Basic necessities, with a good amount of spending on fun as well. For most 23-year-olds, charitable donations fall […]

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2021 Pro-Am and Alumni Reunion Open For Registration

The 2021 Pro-Am and Alumni Reunion have both opened for registration. This year’s WGACSF slate promises to be full of memorable events and the plans to roll out a full and complete schedule are well in motion. The 2021 Pro-Am will be held at The Stanwich Club on July 8th and will mark the 40th […]

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CSF Alumnus Mario Gabelli Featured On “Under The Strap”

Caddie Scholarship Fund alumnus Mario Gabelli was recently featured on “Under The Strap”, a podcast that dives into caddies and their stories. Check out the episode below as Gabelli shares his success story, what lessons he took from caddying when he was young and how he has found success throughout his life. https://www.morningread.com/under-the-strap/feature/2021-03-16/meet-the-caddie-who-became-a-billionaire-investor

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Glenview, IL – Three students have been awarded the Westchester Evans Scholarship, a prestigious full housing and tuition college grant offered to golf caddies, following a final selection interview held online on Feb 9. The result of a partnership between the Western Golf Association’s (WGA) Evans Scholars Foundation and the Westchester Golf Association Caddie Scholarship […]

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Season Preview: WGACSF Events For 2021 Season

With the long winter behind us and the snow fully melted, anticipation for the 2021 golf season is at an all-time high. Last year, despite the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the golf world was able to flourish. This season, golfers are once again optimistic the sport will prove to be an escape and are looking forward to a great season […]