Scholar Spotlight: Morgan Squires

ELMSFORD, N.Y. (January 23, 2023) – Communication, confidence, direction, and opportunity are just a few benefits Morgan Squires has received as a caddie. The three-year caddie at Rockrimmon Country Club in Stamford, Conn., didn’t know what to expect when she took her first loop, but now recognizes all the positives that caddieing can bring a young person.

“At first, I didn’t know what caddieing was, if I’m completely honest,” said Squires. “But I said, why not? And I went out on the course, gave it a shot, and ended up loving it.”

Her friend got Squires started in the caddie yard during high school. As her confidence grew, she ended up loving the job, which became a massive part of her life. Part of that confidence came from the members and staff at Rockrimmon, where she was welcomed with open arms.

Communicating with all age groups, from seven to over 90 years old, was a unique experience for Squires, who took the opportunity to listen to the various outlooks on life. Squires learned from everyone she met on the course, discovering new perspectives from the members and guests she spent rounds with.

Being a woman in the caddie yard was not lost on Squires. She took the opportunity to demonstrate her confidence and quickly worked her way up to carrying two bags and becoming a well-respected caddie at the club.

“Honestly, it has much to do with the person,” says Squires. “I see many men come in [into the caddie yard], and they are out the door in two weeks. My advice to any woman trying to caddie is to do it. At the end of the day, it’s all about your motivation. Never be afraid to do what you want, don’t tell yourself you can’t before you can’t.” She enjoys the connections she’s made with the many women at the club and always relishes when she can surprise someone with how easily she can carry two bags.

As Squires continued to caddie throughout high school, she learned about the MGA Caddie Scholarship Fund and how it can help with college costs. Squires now att. “[With my major], one of the biggest things would be being outside and doing physical labor,” Squires said. “I know that’s funny to hear, but I like to work out and be outside; I like the fresh air. So, caddieing ended up being perfect for me.”

With financial help from the MGACSF, Squires was accepted into a Semester at Sea program, allowing her to travel all over the world and broaden her horizons.

“[Semester at Sea] allowed me to see 15 countries in one semester,” said an enthusiastic Squires. “That would not have been possible without the caddie scholarship I received.”

Squires is one of 10 MGACSF Caddie Scholars from Rockrimmon Country Club this academic year (2023-2024). Squires is also one of three current Mike & Patti Fishbach Memorial Scholarship recipients. The Fishbach scholarship is an endowed scholarship through the MGACSF and is awarded to an outstanding deserving caddie at Rockrimmon Country Club. The fund was established in 2016, and Squires was the first female recipient of the scholarship.

Squires intends to return to Rockrimmon after graduating from Southern Connecticut State this spring while she plans her next steps.

MGACSF applications for the 2024-25 academic year are open. For more information on the MGACSF, visit